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Our Pull-out units can be equipped with a large assortment of accessories, enabling them to fit most needs and applications.

Below is a range of the accessories we offer for the manual Pull-out units. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us.


Fixing for POU installed on beams.

Foot kit

The Standard Foot kit is designed for standalone installation on concrete floor. Applying this Foot kit you are able to create 100 mm free space below the POU which allows handling with eg. a powered stacker or forklift truck.

The Low Foot kit is designed for standalone installation on concrete floor with lowest unit height.  Applying the Low Foot kit leaves no free space below the POU which is why you cannot use a forklift truck. 


Pull handle is available for both floor and beam POUs. 

Unit for positioning

Option which makes it possible to lock the POU in more positions, other than the standard position which is interposed.


Galvanised shelf which is designed for installation on the POU, when there is a need for a flat surface for cartons, trays etc. Also available with edges for pallet collars. 

Shelf is also available in a grating version for heavy load. 

Safety lock

The POUs installed on beams has a safety option. The function makes sure that only one POU is used per beam section, preventing more POUs being pulled out simultaneously. 

Back panel

Back panel is installed at the back of the POU to prevent goods from falling down. This could happen if the POU is pushed back and meets the stop at at high speed.