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Through efficient storage and handling solutions, productivity increases.

Regardless if you need to have a better use of the premises, streamline goods handling or improve the work environment, we have products that handle heavy and bulky goods in a flexible way.

Here, we present a selection of our industry-specific product range. If you want to know more about our special products, you are welcome to contact us.

Timber jig

Timber jig for handling timber in racking system. Able to handle timber packages up to 3000 kg.

4 designs available:

  • VJM-1115/3000 - Manual operation
  • VJH-1115/3000 - Hydraulic jig, connected to the forklift's quickcoupling
  • VJE-1115/3000-230V - Electric jig 230V
  • VJE-1115/3000-24V - Battery powered 24V, Cetek charger, CE-marked   

Storage of lists / profiles

Ideal for vertical storage of long goods, such as lists and profiles for suppliers of building products. 

The goods are separated with horisontal or loop dividers, providing a good overview of your long goods.

Steel sheet cupboard

Steel sheet cupboard is an efficient storage solution for flat and heavy products like sheet.

The steel sheet cupboad has a load capacity of maximum 1500 kg/pull out tray.

The standard cupboard is available in 3 different sizes (DxW): 
1000 x 2000, 1250 x 2500, 1500 x 3000 mm.

Cassette racking KS-4000

Exposure rack with cassettes for clear and functional presentation of cover stones, façade covering, etc.

The racking system consists of leaning gables, height 4000 mm, that are connected together with beams, in lengths of 940, 1840 and 2740 mm, and cassettes of galvanised sheet metal with internal measurements 900 x 900 mm.

The cassettes have a “frame” of 45 mm on three sides to hold the material in place. The cassettes are easily hooked over the beam. Max. load / cassette: 100 kg.