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Pull-out units ensure ergonomic picking thanks to the load surface being easily accessible from three sides. Also financial benefits can be obtained due to a larger number of picking levels, offering extra pallet locations. This is possible because Pull-out Units can free up the excessive clearance distance needed above pallets.

The units can be adapted to the type of goods and supplemented with practical and functional accessories. In addition to units for pallet storage, we also offer special units for heavy and special goods, which cannot be stored on pallets, such as pipes, sheets, heavy moulding tools, etc. The standard colour is blue (RAL 5010), but other colours are available upon request.

We focus on your needs and use them as a starting point when designing and producing the best pull-out solution for your particular needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions.

Manual Pull-Out Units

Our manual pull-out units have a solid and well tested design, bearing components of resiliant steel with excellent performance in terms of strength and fatigue.

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Electric Pull-Out Units

With automatic operation, no muscle strength is needed to pull out or push in the pull-out unit. Optimal and ergonomic in the handling of heavier loads.

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Compact modules

Compact modules are designed for dense and effective storage of small parts. They are manufactured with more capacities, and even as mobile units on wheels.

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Customized Pull-Out Units

Specialised Pull-out units for extremely heavy goods or for long and ungainly articles.

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