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Our Cantilever has a large selection of accessories, which means that most needs and applications can be met.

Below, you will find our assortment of accessories. Please contact us if you have a special inquiry.

Endstop for arm

Standard removable end stop, including bracket.

Height: 150 mm
Diameter: 14 mm

End stop for arm

Extra strong, removable end stop, including bracket.

Height available: 150 mm and 300 mm

End bracket

Removable, round-edge end bracket for arm.

Tube stop

Adjustable stop for round goods, installed on arm or base.


Adjustable divider for arm or base.

Height: 150 mm


Sign with holder for arm.


Plastic HD300 is installed on areas with contact.

Essential when storing stainless or sensible metal.


Shelf installed on arm or base for storage of volume goods or small parts.