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A mezzanine is a very cost-effective way to increase the floor space in your existing building; if there is a high ceiling, installing an intermediate floor (mezzanine floor structure) doubles the floor space.

The system is simple and effective; colums and beams can be combined to in a very durable and multifunctional design. We customise and tailor all Mezzanines to the premises’ conditions and can offer spans between columns of up to 12 m. The mezzanines can be dimensioned for loads up to 1500 kg/m2.

Our floor structures are mainly built in two different designs, depending on area of use and size.

  • Type 1 - Primary and secondary beams in beam profiles that are dimensioned for optimum use in every project. The beams are prefabricated at delivery and easily bolted together during installation. Columns of RHS profiles. Bracing is obtained through the positioning of required bracing columns. A thicker floor type is mounted to the frame, depending on the area of use. See more information on floor covering here.

  • Type 2 - Primary floor structure of prefabricated beams of IPE profiles that are bolted together. Secondary floor structure of high-profile trapezoidal plates (TRP). The TRP plates are mounted to the beam frame with tec screws. Columns of RHS profiles. Bracing is obtained through the sheet action in the TRP plates and placement of required bracing columns. A thinner floor is mounted to the TRP plates, depending on the area of use. See more information on floor covering here.

Entresol - Gonvarri Stålteknik AB

All materials are prefabricated at delivery, which entails a short assembly time. The mezzanines can be painted in multiple colours and equipped with most variants of flooring, stairs, railing and gates, depending on wishes and requirements.

Our mezzanine system also comprises high-quality stairs and strong railing and thereby also meets the most complex warehouse and storage needs. 

Stairs, railings and gates

Varierande utförande av trappor, räcken och grindar till Entresolplan.

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Flooring Mezzanine

Depending on the area of use and safety requirements, we can offer several flooring options.

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Applications Mezzanine

The framework of our mezzanines consists of primary and secondary beams combined with a thick floor, which means that the mezzanines can handle large loads, long spans and have a low construction height.

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