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Our manual pull-out units have a solid and well tested design, bearing components of resiliant steel with excellent performance in terms of strength and fatigue. Bearings, axles and materials are well-adapted for the purpose.

We have extensive experience within the production of pull-out units, and our units are charaterized by good functionality, a long lifecyle and a highly detailed finish. With in-house development, design and production, we have the capacity to customise and develop our Pull-out units solutions to meet both standard and specific requests.

Manual units for floor / beam installation

Universal units for installation on supporting beams in pallet racks or directly on the floor.

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Manual units for upright installation

Pull-out units with very low building height for direct installation onto the uprights.

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Accessories Pull-Out Units

Our Pull-out units have a large assortment of accessories, which means that most needs and areas of use can be met.

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